A Big Mess

Lyrics by Self Jupiter

Music by Kenny Segal

Scratches by DJ Prolifix


3 hours later traffic is at a stand still
multiple shots fired
Man waving a gun out of a speeding camaro apparently
barrelled into a crowd at speeds up to around 100 mph
As he laughs
he never lets off the gas
Whatever made him tick is broken now and cant be fixed
How can someone just snap like that with all four tires flat?
Dont make no damn sense
Hot metal grinding winding terror of torque is intense
What kind of engine he’s running under there
Despair?  Hate fueled by renewable energy?
Super sport?
Why wont he just stop?
So much noise and smoke happening at one time
Rush hour people tryin to get home witness the flying debris
An exploding piston destroyed a a palm tree!
Everything in slow motion domino effect

18 wheeler couldnt brake in time

Watching a maddman drag race his way into hell
the good thing is that he lost his mind
Leaving a trail of gas and oil
Making a nightmare for cal trans
This is definitely not gonna be a happy ending
Oh my god I cant watch
Never seen so many cops
helicopters news reporters covering thier ears in shock
Shots fired
Man with a plastic face
Crosses his wires
ex hit man for hire losses his desire to love
Responsible for countless
llfe linez expired o
Lost his girl and retired
They killed her
Revenge is sweet
Revenge is pie

I arrived on the scene at zero one hundred hours
Abruptly my lap dance was interupted by phone call the chief medical examiner my boss
Yelled at the top of his lungs
Drop everything your doing and get in your car
Back away from the tittie bar
When I pulled up
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing
About a thousand or so lifeless
Human beings
Split in half a bloody path of torsos made way to a dead end
It’s apparent that the freak who did this
Rests in that heaping lump of hot metal up yonder
It didn’t even look like a car
I guess he thought he can just dissapear into solid concrete pillar
My job is not to judge
I’m just a kleener
A vacuum crime scene mop boy and I never seen anything like before
One of the victims legs was somehow sticking out from beneath the transmission
The car was basically all engine
We put all the mix match parts in one big fat cart
Sort them later on that conveyer
After the press conference I seen the mayor behind a building hunched over
Giving up his lunch in pink chunks
I been doing this for 30 years and I tell you I even wanted to gag!