The Kleenrz (pronounced: Da Cleaners) is a collaboration by two of Los Angeles rap’s most mysterious artists – the monolithic, Victorian street poet, ex-con and inner city griot, Self Jupiter and the ubiquitously credited, yet seldom seen producer/beatmaker Kenny Segal (Abstract Rude, Freestyle Fellowship).

Segal’s production builds a sinister foundation that that fills the music with texture and uncertainty, allowing Jupiter’s eerily vivid writing style and nonchalant delivery to space to tell the clandestine tales of The Kleenrz: stark reality, disturbing details, time to think, rethink, and un-think what you thought you knew.

Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal made sure that this project is dark but fun, disturbing yet cool; the record is art-rap noire, Project Blowed meets Fritz Lang. The cast of guests includes Nocando, MURS, Volume 10, Abstract Rude, Subtitle, Alpha MC, Gajah and Shing02.